I have logged in / installed browser extension but cannot leave a comment
Please confirm your email address (by clicking a link in the email we sent).Without confirmation the functionality of the service is limited to viewing public content only
Can I leave a comment on a page from mobile device?
At the moment UComment service does not have application for iOS and Android. Using UComment website you can add a comment as a follow up. However the first comment for a text can be left only by using browser extension.
What will happen with a comment, if a phrase, for which the comment was left, will be deleted or changed ?
Your comment may not be visible on the original site. However you will find your comment on the UComment site
Can I see comments on web pages right after the extension is installed?
You need to log in first before you can see the comments
How to stop displaying comments of the people I do not know?
You can control it via settings on UComment website: disable 'Display public' to stop seeing public comments from people you didn't subscribe to.
What will happen with my request to follow, if other user profile was 'Private', but after that changed to 'Public' ?
Your request will be automatically converted to the 'following' status.